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The Customer Questionnaire

(parent - in cases if customer is a child; name and surname of trainer, theater manager, etc. empowered to discuss various matters and make financial decisions)
(country, region)
(sport ballroom dances, figure skating, modern dances, rock-and-roll, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, musical theater, drama theater, choreographic group, folk dance group, circus, etc.)
(Latin-American, European, optional program, short, show, choreographic performance, folk dances; for plot performances please describe the basic plot)
(figure skaters are asked to provide music records, dancing groups - record of rehearsal)
(elements which you wish to include in the costume as a must)
(color, structure of fabric, elements which are not acceptable in the costume)
(for the best result please send a picture or record from training classes, preferably in a gymnastics bodysuit)
(details of manufacturing deadlines and provision of sketches)